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American Style Nunchaku

The American Style Nunchaku System, as enhanced by Shihan Hawkins and taught here on VirtualNunchaku.com, provides new students with an exciting, flashy, and easy to learn Nunchaku style. Here students have the opportunity to relieve stress through increased physical fitness while improving balance, focus and strength.

Beginning the journey to Black Belt, students will start off as a white belt working through yellow belt course material.  It is here that the student will learn basic strikes which will be the backbone of multiple competition ready system Katas created by tournament champion Grand Master Michael Burke. The Nunchaku system Katas include both single and double Nunchaku forms that have been proven to win martial arts tournaments. Students will also be challenged and coached on how to create their own katas.

Moreover, every Nunchaku-ka (student) prior to earning Black Belt rank will learn basic Nunchaku Jutsu self-defense against punches and weapons attacks. As such, students who successfully obtain a Black Belt in the tournament focused American Style Nunchaku can enter the Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu system and be crossed ranked higher than beginner rank with some supplemental training.  

In addition to the main Ken-Fu training center in Orange, NJ, USA, eventually students will be able to train Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu working through a physical dojo or local Sensei in their area supplemented by additional remote instruction (when available) for advanced self-defense techniques including traditional locks, throws and more utilizing Nunchaku. Students will also be exposed to basic elements of freestyle Nunchaku including handroll and flow techniques.

Many traditional karate schools will charge you over $45 just for one lesson or up to $200 a month for regular classes. At Virtual Nunchaku you can save money training from home!!!

With Virtual Nunchaku you will get 1 lesson every 7 days which is about 4 lessons per month.

Regular pricing is 125.99 per month.

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Watch each lesson on video from your phone or computer as many times as you like, whenever you you have the time. Communicate with Master Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. for personalized instruction at mid-belt check points and train at your own pace while earning certified rank. You can even schedule a visit to our UFC GYM training facility in Orange, New Jersey!!!!  Invest in yourself, have fun, increase physical fitness and master nunchaku with our discounted $49.99 monthly subscription. Begin your journey to getting tournament ready and receiving a certified Black Belt today!!! If you prefer a one time fee structure instead of an ongoing subscription you can enroll in one belt level at a time with a “stand alone” course. For questions, email us at VirtualNunchaku.@BBSILLC.COM or call 1(800)493-1859.

Please note that belt rank is not automatic and must be earned through examination. However, students may enjoy the course material at their own pace without testing.

Student Gage Knopf takes 1st place!!!
An International Open Tournament
Chakus Competition”
hosted by the
American Style Nunchaku Federation
Gage Knopf Performs Winning Circle Twirl Kata From Home


If you are a martial arts instructor or own a karate school, keep your students active through online learning with our virtual partnerships & revenue share during the global COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic. Head Instructors can also study with us to earn internationally recognized rank and teach existing students new tournament style techniques that will help improve results in weapons competitions and provide another source of revenue for your business.

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American Style Nunchaku – Monthly Subscription To All Colored Belt Levels

Yellow Belt through Black Belt training in American Style Nunchaku: You will become an proficient practitioner of Nunchaku movements, exciting strikes, and championship forms/katas.

American Style Nunchaku – Yellow Belt Course Module (one time fee for this level only)

Yellow Belt training in American Style Nunchaku: You will gain the basic foundation necessary to execute practical movements, exciting strikes, and more.

American Style Nunchaku – Orange Belt Course Module (one time fee for this level only)

Orange Belt training in American Style Nunchaku: You will gain the ability to execute basic combinations and flashy techniques utilizing a single Nunchaku.

American Style Nunchaku – Purple Belt (one time fee for this level only)

Purple Belt training in American Style Nunchaku: You will learn the Blitz Kata #1 and Blitz Kata#2 both with 2 alternate endings and the Hawk Variant. These impressive but beginner katas utilize a single Nunchaku.

American Style Nunchaku – Blue Belt Course Module (one time fee for this level only)

Blue Belt training in American Style Nunchaku: At this level you will learn 6 new techniques/catches, 4 new combinations, Shuffle Kata, and the Hawkins 1 Short form Kata. Students will also be exposed to striking objects while reducing bounce back. These are all intermediate level single Nunchaku techniques and forms.

American Style Nunchaku – Green Belt Course Module (one time fee for this level only)

Green Belt training in American Style Nunchaku: You will begin the Double Nunchaku course material, gain the ability to swing two nunchaku at the same time and learn the tournament winning Double Dragons Kata.

American Style Nunchaku – Brown Belt Course Module (one time fee for this level only)


American Style Nunchaku – Black Belt Instruction Module

As you progress through our program, more courses will unlock and appear in this section!

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Ken-Fu Nunchak Jutsu was founded by Shihan Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. This martial arts style fuses the competition katas and swinging strikes of American Style Nunchaku and lite influence from the World Nunchaku Association techniques with the close quarter fighting of Chinese Kenpo Kung-Fu as taught by Professor Harry Baker, Jujitsu, Ed Parker’s Kenpo Nunchaku teachings, and Shihan Hawkins’ original techniques.

Specifically, many of the strikes, locks, throws and more of Kenpo and Jujitsu have been modified where appropriate to be executed with the Nunchaku. This is the true Nunchaku self-defense system. After earning a Black Belt in American Style Nunchaku students will have the ability to take additional courses and earn rank in Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu with the assistance of a local dojo. Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu System requirements can be found here.

Shihan Hawkins has forged this new martial arts system having earned his 4th Dan in Chinese Kenpo Kung-Fu & 5th Dan in Fusion Kenpo under Professors Ibrahim Sharif & Harry Baker, 5th Dan in US Ju-Jitsu from the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation and his 7th Degree Black Belt in American Style Nunchaku under Grand Master Michael Burke & the American Style Nunchaku Federation.

Begin with American Style Nunchaku for Tournament Readiness and Graduate to the True Nunchaku Self-Defense System!


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