A Complete Martial Arts Weapon System

Recognized by

American Style Nunchaku FederationUnited States Martial Arts Federation – Independent Karate Schools of America


North American Nunchaku Association/American Kobudo Association

True Nunchaku Self-Defense

System Origins & Background

Shihan Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. developed Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu and successfully secured system recognition of it from several prominent martial arts organizations. He is a 7th Degree Black Belt in American Style Nunchaku under Grand Master Michael Burke, 5th Dan in US Ju-Jitsu with the United States Ju-Jitsu Federation, as well as a 5th Dan in Fusion Kenpo & 4th Dan in Chinese Kenpo Kung-Fu under Professors Harry Baker & Ibrahim Sharif. Hawkins is also recognized as certified expert in nunchaku by the North American Nunchaku Association, a group which has been recognized by Black Belt Magazine as “one of the most well known nunchaku organizations in the world.”

This martial arts style fuses the competition katas and swinging strikes of American Style Nunchaku and World Nunchaku Association techniques with the close quarter fighting of Chinese Kenpo Kung-Fu as taught by Professor Harry Baker, Ed Parker’s Kenpo Nunchaku teachings, elements of Police/Law Enforcement Defensive Tactics training and Shihan Hawkins’ original techniques.

Specifically, many of the strikes, locks, throws and more of Kenpo and Jujitsu have been modified where appropriate to be executed with the Nunchaku. This is the true Nunchaku self-defense system. After earning a Black Belt in American Style Nunchaku students will have the ability to take additional courses and earn rank in Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu with the assistance of a local dojo.

Shihan Hawkins’ Martial Arts Lineage Which Has Influenced Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu

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