About Virtual Nunchaku

Learn Nunchaku in your local dojo or at your own pace from the comfort of your home with video instruction and in-person Black Belt testing for “Certified Rank.”

American Style Nunchaku

American Style Nunchaku was founded and recognized as a new martial arts style by Grandmaster Michael Burke in 1992 as a complete martial art with its own ranking system, making nunchaku training available to those people who were not interested in traditional karate or kobudo. In the VirtualNunchaku.com training program students start off training for Yellow Belt and then Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown and finally Black Belt.  Higher dan ranks are available for those exceptional students who are willing to put in the necessary, in person, specialized training and test at one of our physical training centers.

This martial arts system has spread and is now available to all people worldwide!

Meet Our Head Instructor

Shihan Eldridge Hawkins, Jr. is presently Grandmaster Burke’s most senior Black Belt in the United States and a certified rank instructor for the American Style Nunchaku Federation.  After receiving direction from Grand Master Burke to grow the Nunchaku system, Shihan Hawkins successfully obtained additional recognition for this martial arts style of Nunchaku from the United States Martial Arts Federation which also lists Shihan Hawkins as a certified Black Belt in American Style Nunchaku, Chinese Kenpo Kung-Fu, & Kenpo Ju-Jitsu. It is under the guidance of Professor Harry Baker that Shihan Hawkins is developing the Ken-Fu Nunchaku system for online learning which fuses elements of Nunchaku as originally taught in Ed Parker’s Kenpo combined with Ju-Jitsu, American Style Nunchaku and Hawkins’ original techniques based in part on his training and experience in the street as a former law enforcement officer.

For over a decade Mr. Hawkins has served in a variety of governmental public safety positions including time as Acting Police & Fire Director, Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator under Homeland Security and Police Officer for multiple jurisdictions. In addition to having been duly qualified by the New Jersey State Police as a Licensed Private Detective and authorized by multiple State authorities to conduct security business, Hawkins has been recognized as a security expert by a variety of media outlets.

Shihan Eldridge Hawkins, Jr.

General Background
Senior Instructor – Baker’s Red Iron Dragon Karate Academy
Senior Rank Examiner – American Style Nunchaku Federation
United States Representative & Technical Adviser – Hong Kong Nunchaku Association
Life Long Karate-Ka – Over 30 Years In The Martial Arts
Founder – Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu
Retired Municipal Police Officer – NJ
CEO/Owner – Black Belt Security & Investigations, LLC

Association Memberships
Life Member – American Style Nunchaku Federation (ASNF)
Life Member – United States Ju-Jitsu Federation (USJJF)
Life Member – United States Martial Arts Federation (USMAF)
Life Member – New Jersey Police Honor Legion

Black Belt Rank Attainment
5th Degree – American Style Nunchaku
5th Dan – Fusion Kenpo
5th Dan – Kenpo Ju-Jitsu
5th Dan – US Ju-Jitsu
4th Dan – Chinese Kenpo Kung-Fu

Shihan Hawkins Has Been Awarded  Black Belt Rank by The Following Martial Arts Professionals:
Professor Harry Baker 
Professor Ibrahim Sharif
Master Rodney Armstrong
Shihan Sabu Rashidi
Grand Master Michael Burke
Grand Master Earnest McPeek
Shihan Bruce Bethers 

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