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Weekly Lessons

Through individual student or school accounts, participants will have access to weekly online lessons with exciting progressive content.

Students continue at their own pace and receive feedback from Virtual Nunchaku or local dojo instructors.

Belt Rank

Earn recognized rank from certified instructors honored by the American Style Nunchaku Federation and United States Martial Arts Federation.

Students move through 6 belt levels before testing for Black Belt.


Increase physical fitness & relieve stress while improving balance, flexibility, muscle tone & overall wellness.

Get a high quality work out from home.


Increase self confidence and represent your local dojo or just yourself learning tournament forms (katas) that can help you place and win in competition.

Even without competition, personal growth is its own reward.

Our Philosophy

At an “Affordable Price”, the goal of our school is to provide each student with a “Structured Learning Environment” in which they can master Nunchaku for “Wellness or Physical Fitness”, “Tournament Competition” and “Self-Defense” while receiving “Personalized Instruction” and “Certified Rank” when earned.

Gaining rank is not mandatory. However, certification of rank is available from the American Style Nunchaku Federation if you decide to test. Rank is also recognized by the United States Martial Arts Federation and our other international partners. Colored belts testing is done via video and Black Belt is done via live video feed or in person at one of our physical testing centers. This is a more tournament or Kata focused system combined with basic self defense.

Portions of this martial arts system will becoming online soon. Combining online learning with local dojo participation, students have the opportunity to earn Black Belt Rank. Certification of rank is available with the American Style Nunchaku Federation, United States Martial Arts Federation and more. Portions of testing requirements may be completed via video. However, because this course of study involves much physical contact defending against an attacker, certain testing requirements here must be done in person or in cooperation with your local dojo sensei.

Tournament Forms & Self Defense

You will learn multiple katas and foundational techniques that can help increase your physical fitness and have you ready to compete and win trophies. You will also have the necessary skills to defend yourself effectively utilizing Nunchaku.

Lesson Plans

You will get progressive access to Belt Requirements in a structured online learning environment combined with personalized instruction to ensure you learn the proper movements.


American Style Nunchaku – Complete Program Subscription

Yellow Belt through Brown Belt training in American Style Nunchaku: You will become an proficient practitioner of Nunchaku movements, exciting strikes, and championship forms/katas.

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American Style Nunchaku – Yellow Belt Standalone

Yellow Belt training in American Style Nunchaku: You will gain the basic foundation necessary to execute practical movements, exciting strikes, and more.

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American Style Nunchaku – Orange Belt Standalone

Orange Belt training in American Style Nunchaku: You will gain the ability to execute basic combinations and flashy techniques utilizing a single Nunchaku.

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We are Endorsed by the BEST!

Grand Master Michael Burke

“It is a teacher’s greatest wish to see a hard working student evolve. As my highest ranking Black Belt in the United States, Shihan Hawkins has constructed a solid online program that remains true to the American Style Nunchaku fundamentals and worthy of certified rank, while simultaneously including new martial arts elements that are broken down in a way that’s easy to learn.”
– Grand Master M. Burke, 9th Dan
Founder of The American Style Nunchaku Federation

Professor Harry Baker (Seated Center)

“I have trained Shihan Hawkins in the martial arts for over 30 years. I have challenged him to not stray too far from traditional teaching but to simultaneously expand his martial arts knowledge and create. His response to my challenge is the creation of the Ken-Fu Nunchaku Jutsu System which fuses Kenpo, Jujitsu and American Style Nunchaku together in both a combined in-person and distance learning format. I trust him with students in my dojo and so should you.”
– Professor H. Baker, 10th Dan
Proprietor of Baker’s Red Iron Dragon Karate Academy

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