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Here at Virtual Nunchaku we are looking forward to helping you achieve your martial arts goals. Before registering, students often have questions, the most frequent of which can be found below. If you still require information that’s not covered here or elsewhere on the website, please contact us and someone from the team will get back to you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Giving you an opportunity to grow as a martial artist utilizing self-discipline and distance learning with instructor feedback to provide strong foundation in Nunchaku that is fun, moderately flashy, easy to learn and effective in self-defense situations but with a primary focus on a core set of techniques and tournament forms.
A challenging but doable course of quality instruction from accredited or certified instructors that can be learned from the comfort of your home utilizing video instruction or integrated in your traditional martial arts school setting.
An augmented version of American Style Nunchaku Founded by Grandmaster Michael Burke in 1992
That depends on you, but for someone with no martial arts experience it would take approximately 3 years.
Tests will be conducted via video submissions and in person.

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