American Style Nunchaku – Purple Belt (one time fee for this level only)

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Course Description

THIS IS A STANDALONE, SELF PACED COURSE FOR PURPLE BELT ONLY!!! You will have access to these course materials for 365 days after the purchase date.

Welcome to American Style Nunchaku which was founded by Grandmaster Michael Burke in 1992 and augmented by Shihan Hawkins here on VirtualNunchaku.Com

This is a challenging but doable course of quality martial arts training from accredited or certified instructors that can be learned from the comfort of your home utilizing video instruction or integrating lessons into your traditional martial arts school setting.

Whether students wish to test for rank or not, the Nunchaku-Ka may progress through online materials at his/her own pace for Purple Belt training in American Style Nunchaku.  At this level you will learn the Blitz Kata #1 and Blitz Kata#2 both with 2 alternate endings and the Hawk Variant. These impressive but beginner katas utilize a single Nunchaku.

Gaining official rank is not required.  Therefore, students may continue to the Blue Belt level without testing if they do not wish to obtain certified rank.

Belt Ranks are NOT guaranteed or automatic in this program and will only be issued when earned. Student access will remain to previously unlocked course material provided student maintains an active subscription to the corresponding VirtualNunchaku.Com’s online program.  Swinging Nunchaku may cause injury.  All students swing and advance at their own risk.